twiducate - Social Networking for Education

Vyew - Collaborative conferencing -meeting rooms.

Video Conferencing - Alternative to Skype

These tools enhance collaborations with others.  Links are to posts within this blog.
VoiceThread is an online tool for having conversations about media.

Awesome Highlighter - highlight web pages while researching.

Using Google Forms for surveys.

Generate ideas with Edistorm

Live and Free conferencing. Include: DabbleBoard, Dimdim, Jing!, Yuuguu, Skype for collaborative visual organizer.

PDF graphic organizers to print.

Twiddla collaborative white board.

WallWisher a bit of a cross between a bulletin board and a guest book.

Stixy to share files, pictures, due dates.

Sneffel - virtual paper.

Image Cubed - collaborative online drawing.

iEtherPad - real time collaborative word processing