Thursday, January 27, 2011

JewelBeat Royalty Free Music

Just what creative students and teachers need, a place where they can use, remix music and sound effects!

In the creator's own words: "Use these free music tracks & free sound effects for any production - advertising, education, videos, photos, YouTube...etc.

These music tracks can be looped seamlessly & repeated to create a longer music track for your projects.

You only need to link to our website from yours:
"Music by JewelBeat. Download your free music and free sound effects at"

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Google Wonder Wheel

It's been around for over a year now, but you may not have ever tried it out.  Why should you? Because it presents your results in a graphically relevant way.  Not all students (or teachers) find it easy to scan down a page to choose which link to follow.  While this is still text, it's organize in a mind map type of format ... and clicking on one of the subcategories will expand out with another wheel... an so on.

For illustrated directions: