Thursday, June 30, 2011

Free Video Conferencing

FaceFlow is a free, easy video conferencing system that will allow up to 4 people at once. Browser based, so no need for a separate application. Chat system as well as video calls. Interesting alternative to Skype.  Below is a short video of how to use FaceFlow

Monday, June 6, 2011

Store and Share Files

Another storage spot, but this one also syncs and gives you 2 gig of FREE space.  (You can pay for more if you need it.) It's called DropBox.  When you join there is a small app to download to your computer.

Here is an invitation to Join:

 DropBox can share with anyone, even if they are not a drop box member.  Here is a folder of Catherine (my cat) viewing several photos from my friend Ann when she was in Hawaii.  Don't worry it will NOT automatically download anything, but will let you view the pictures in the gallery and download if you wish.

Creative Commons and YouTube

Google has announced the labeling of videos under Creative Commons licenses. Now you can know which videos can be re-used and can even use the YouTube Video Editor to get just that right portion of the clip to add to your video!  When going to the Video Editor, click on the CC button to search.

Yes, you still need to give credit, but the source videos will also be in the video description.

Learn more about the CC on YouTube here.