Monday, August 16, 2010


Create simple to complex banners using Bannerfans. No need to sign up, just go and get started.

Buttons below the creation area to change Layout, Text/Font, Shadows/Effects/ Borders/ Format (for download). When finished download the completed banner in PNG, JPG or GIF format ...or all three and decide later which one you wish to use.

Below is an example. Actual size is 728x90 pixels:

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Virtual Whiteboard

Sneffel describes itself as a collaborative doodle pad. There is practically no learning curve to begin use. You man sign up, but it is not required. The product is in development, created by a young programmer attending University College London, who is interested in tools for education. He is open to suggestions also, so jut email him: or use the feedback button on the bottom of the board. Sneffel is donation ware (young programmers DO need to pay for their education.)

After creating a 'doodle pad' you can just send the URL to partners. [example] If you are working at the same time, you will actually see it happening in real time. Pads can also be embedded in a website.

Tip: Higher math teachers who are teaching how to solve difficult problems, use Sneffel. Create a step by step demo of how to solve. Embed it on a page or in a blog. Students can then go to it and hit the 'replay' button to see the steps worked out.