Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Augmented Reality

Still in it's beginning stages, Augmented Reality has quite a future in education.

Want a quick look at just what AR can do?  Download coLAR - coloring pages come to life.  It's quick, painless and you'll look at it and say, how can I do that?

Enter Aurasma Augmented Reality platform encouraging students and teachers to become creators!

I've created one for GVC.  You will need to download the aurasma app to your iPad, or smart phone.  
Open the app.  At the bottom, click on the large A.  It will open, and you can now see several tools.  Click the magnifying glass to find and follow my channel: jbarnstable.

Now you will need to either have this picture on another device (like a computer) or print it out on a piece of paper.  YES, I said paper!

With your mobile device, click the rectangle and aim at the image.  A blue ripple will appear and an animation will begin!  Tap the animation once to have it load full screen.

Examples for classroom use from a teacher who uses Aurasma.