Sunday, September 5, 2010

Voice Thread

VoiceThread is an online tool for having conversations about media. The powerful tool is currently not free, but you can sign up for a trial account to get your feet wet. On October 10th a new version will be coming - a PRO version and it will be free for teachers! What is Voicethread is all about, try looking around here.

Comment from Ben Papell at Voice Thread:
Thanks for the kind words! As far as our plan for educators K-12, it’s very simple, FREE. We thought Voicethread would have classroom implications, but not to the extent that teachers are demonstrating. What’s great to see is that regardless of the subject being taught, there seems to be a fit. We feel we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg with classroom applications for Voicethread and we need to make sure educators have access to discover the tool and use it as they see fit. We have a ‘Pro’ service launching on the 10th of October, it will provide unlimited access to Voicethread, and it to, will be FREE for educators K-12.
Thanks for everything,

Ben Papell

Original comment from NC-Tech blog.

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