Saturday, November 20, 2010

Learn Central®

Join LearnCentral®! Why? In their own words if you are "passionate about teaching and learning? LearnCentral® is all about YOU!" Once you have registered and been accepted, you'll receive a free 3-seat Elluminate virtual meeting room, with a whiteboard, audio, video, and more. Elluminate is a great real- time collaboration tool. The full program is expensive; it's really stunning that they are giving educators the use of it free. Only restrictions: limited to 3 and cannot record. Other than that you have access to the full program.

Want to see what it looks like? The online Global Education Conference session about the Global Virtual Classroom program was recorded and is available for playback at anytime using this link: You will be asked to accept a plugin from Elluminate, the program used for presenting and recording. Session is approximately 45 minutes.

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