Sunday, December 6, 2009

Copyright Friendly Clip Art

While the GVC contest encourages original art and photos, there are some cases where you just NEED to find a piece of clip art. Here are some sources:
  • Pics4Learning - A library of images donated by students, teachers, photographers... anyone with a picture to share. Permission to use AND citation information right under the picture!
  • WPClipart - All images are public domain. While originally created for Word Processing and printing, they work well as web images.
  • Wikimedia Commons - Many thousands of images. Scroll down under full sized image to see the particular licensing for this particular image. Almost all require attribution; some, but only a few do not allow derivative works (which means you can't edit the picture.)
  • Ookaboo - Creative commons site for finding great (free) images for class work.
  • Find IconsNice site for free icons.

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